[audio:|titles=Dondria Feat Yo Gotti -Going Down- Dirty TM]
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    Im geeked!!! Hitting repeat…listening to ANY Dondria music get me hyped. That RNB voice..with all it’s ability is so needed. Dang this Yo Gotti, he sound like

    definitely cool for a album filler…I’m just sooooo ready to hear Dondria have to use every inch of that voice! I mean a song takes Your The One (where she gets big in parts) but let the song just be biggggggg…and ballad for the ages. I know she got it in her…and I know JD got one for

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    Where that instrumental at? If it’s going dwn, add some more attitude. Thinking in the style of Beyonce. Say it like it’s about to go off.
    JD vocals are classic. He still sound the same when he say his slogan.
    Like the fact that the instrumental has that old school pattern feel to it. Would play this in the car especially if Dondria added somemore conviction or attitude to the words.

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