Mercedes-Benz Ener-G Force Concept Car

G – FORCE !!

Mercedes-Benz entered their Ener-G Force concept car for this year’s LA Design Challenge. The vehicle seems like a stretch until you consider this year’s theme of Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025.
The Ener-G Force takes cues from the German manufacturer’s G-Class and infuses modern elements like sunk-in headlights, turn signals/running lights running along the front fenders, a flat roofline, and low, rectangular taillights. The Ener-G trades in the G-Class’ boxy lines for a more rounded shape.
While the roof rack looks more suited for a safari, it is actually an innovative way for the vehicle to collect water to store in tanks to then be transferred to a converter that creates hydrogen to power the fuel cells. The hypothetical range for this conceptual system is 500 miles of zero-emission driving. When off-roading, the system uses four independent motors at each wheel and a roof-mounted scanner that adjusts the suspension to best fit the road conditions and terrain.
The vehicle was one of six entrants for this year’s competition. The winning design will be announced on November 29 as a part of the LA Auto Show.

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    This is crazy yo wait for 2013 concept cars.

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