Fresco Kane “HOT” Official Video


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    look iam what iam since the day i was born to earth -ah ah ah now take me to mathew 6 is how the lord tell and show me to we all pray to the lord above over dreamers and if you dream and it turn nightmares then you aint dreaming properly but leave a dreamer to dream on rather iam out of dreams but hurstling to survive those i survived to http://www.mossperaries and exclusively cdbaby licenced not a killer baby but grown and say no to killer baby furthermore via google but where is the ah ah ah ah money that we crazy about,not even fame swiss only wanna a thing popular not me jd-

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    The video is dope. For me to say its hot would be an understatement. I love it! He put on for his city which makes this video everything. ESTL / STL stand up. Our own just put on. Congrats to my dude. Still rocking with ya. Still proud of ya. God bless

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    Came out fresh

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