The Andy Warhol Foundation Auctions Entire Collection


You know that original “Campbell’s Soup” painting you purchased for thousands of dollars?! It may not have much value as you’ve expected. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts revealed earlier this week that it intends to sell the remaining pieces of Warhol’s estate, selling off over 20,000 original works, including silk-screen paintings, drawings, photographs, and archival materials, beginning this fall. The Government decisions were made to fund the visual arts as a whole by making donations to museums.
The auctions will run over 3 years through Christie’s with around $13million to be given away each year.

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  1. Andy Warhol was innovative in his creating. I think the museums and schools could benefit from this. It would be interesting if this funding could also be funneled into the school systems to recover art infused programs where they’ve been removed. An informative post nevertheless.

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