Snoop Dogg & Jermaine Dupri Keep It Real With Bow Wow


  1. Love how the shit went off, with snoop saying see She was a very smart Lady cauz see Shugg Knight was on Him too……, Here’s my thoughts on the Equation of Bow Wow, I feel you Jd about Bow WOw continuing on with the Scream Tour Vehicle. Who gets out of a Car thats still Running Strong????
    But we Gotta Be 100, Bow Wow’s delimma is gaining Control of His Sound & Image & His Primary Hang Up is His Self Conscouis. HeLL He RappN But what I feel He gotta admit to His Self is that Originally He Had Writers & Now he may Be writing for His Self.
    Take this as No Knock true Honest Opinion, I think He should Study L.L. and Attempt going at it Like that. Maybe Allowing Drake, Wayne or Some other Nigga’s to put some Concepts, Songs, Lines toGether for Him. He also Should Look at Nas’ , It was Written to StiLLmatic, and see his Rap Concepts; Career in General…. But I could Still see the Scream Tour doing a Few Summers but time is Slipping on the Joint. All those People in there Mid Twenties Now. An he Don’t want to Be headlining a Drop of Show ~ In mY Opinion

  2. JD I’m glad you still take these young boys like Bow Wow under your wings because Bow Wow seems lost, he is so young and successful he seems like he is not focus. It’s a problem because I see to many people unfocused mainly entertainers and athletes. I think most of these guys need mentors and guidance. Also I’m glad you said it’s not about the money because it’s important to show younger generation that it’s not all about money and more about legacy. Good job JD!

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  4. *claps hands* This is all I been screaming for 3yrs now about artists, entertainers and the like. Why do you abandon your foundation, something you built, started, began…that was successful? It’s the roots you have been giving. Even from Bow’s sound…we all know that he has grown up..his audience has grown with him…yet 80% of that audience is still female…you were groomed, built to be a rapper that related to the females..and it made you run it until the lane closes up, shuts down, & only God will dry up the lake! Why? Cause He carved the lane out just for you! the scream tour (just like 106) is owned by Bow Wow! Meaning he hold records! Get back at it!

    and I love what Snoop says about Teresa(Bow’s Mom) cause just like with Usher’s mom, it takes guts to give up what you doing, and put your child’s future in someone’s hand. Thank you @jd…for getting the job done, but more importantly, remembering that no matter where he is in the world…Bow needs you to be there for him…and you are!

    so proud

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