TrekPak – Padded Backpack Insert


 TrekPak   Padded Backpack Insert
A Denver, CO-based company, TrekPak, has embarked upon a Kickstarter journey to raise $15,000 (they’re actually not that far away at this moment from accomplishing that goal) for their TrekPak padded insert system for backpacks and cases. While not satisfied by actual camera backpacks, TrekPak created this insert to serve as dividers for packing your camera equipment into a various sized backpacks. You can adjust and divide according to your needs via a very simple pin system. This is a great tool for organizing your gear without having to buy a separate specialty backpack. If you want to learn more and/or support the cause, visit their Kickstarter page.
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    Ima have to tell my homeboy about the photo gear and this website… Y’all should check his creativity out at

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