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    Hey, JD. I’m co-signing your quote about a true friend. I enjoy following your quotes of the day. Gives some insight as to where your head is at during your quiet moments away from that fast world you’re living in right now. Nice to meet you.

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    Nice picture!!


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    Amen, cause it’s true……. Great quote and very fitting considering the current climate…. THANKS @JD….

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    That’s so true… Unfortunately these type of friends become so rare these days… If you have one, be thankfull and feed this friendship with love and respect. Peace.

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    I love the black and white photo. I see strength and power juxtaposed with peace and tranquility. You are in a moment of zen, a moment of creation.

    Your true friend is taking the photo. The are emphasizing your strength, fortifying your faith, freeing your spirit, and emphasizing your possibilities.

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    when are you goning to make more videos with B.COX he so fine

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