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    “I spent about a minute, maybe less on it”

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    This is cool. Love watching geniuses at work. I hear ya Jay, “Words are tough!” Kanye, Jay and B inspiring to a sistahwriter. Thanks for this post.

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    I guess this is a new trend to make doc showing your the making of the albums. I love itttt! This doc was not as good as Beyonce, but I love watching Kanye. For me this album is all about Kanye.

    I love seeing Russell Crowe waving the arm lol. oh and Beyonce was there supporting.

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    I Spent about a Minute Maybe Less on It.” Gone N 60 second, CatcH your Breath HomMie.” InSide Nicolas Cage. But Ain’t NO Ref HomMie.” And TheSe Monsters, Ain’t Got NothIn On Me.” Jet Lag, Jet lag from the SpliFF I’m ZoneN, 1 through 6, i ReP the A ONLY. And U Can’t See the WorK, OnLy The ProdUct PhoNNiE.!!!!

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    That Ham Beat Ridiculous

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    kanye rap was crazy on that russel crow. JD that what i called living….

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    From this session I “see” the Black & White Masonic Floor. I see the Castles, and old photos of angels and Masons. I hope the album is laid out with serious issues and not just a hiphop with a serious title. Otherwise, we will be watching and listening to Labron James take an hour to say, “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”. Don’t get it twisted, I am a Master Mason too, so I expect serious issues to be initiated, passed and raised in the album.

    Tha Watermelon Man

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