Travis Barker feat Lil Jon, Busta Rhymes, Twista, & Yelawolf – Let’s Go

Travis Barker crashes an auction house in the dark video for “Let’s Go,” the latest single from his album Give the Drummer Some. The Blink-182 rocker comes through with his hip-hop friends Lil Jon, Busta Rhymes, Twista, and Yelawolf, turning the stuffy event into an all-out party until the cops come calling.


  1. I Love to See YellowWolf do His thang Point Blank & Simple. 2 Years Ago, Seeing Him at every other Show. Like that Boy gone Add a Nother NAME.

  2. Always a pleasure to see great atists collab…. And I think YelaWolf did his thing & held is own – he was on a track with some OG’s in the game!! Love it!!

  3. Dope!

  4. never heard of yelawolf but i’m glad i heard this one..homie niceeeee!!!!!

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