First single from Monica’s new album New Life, tentatively due October 4, produced by Missy Elliott. The single includes Lil Kim and Rick Ross

Click the link twice to hear the track: Monica – Anything (To Find You) ft Rick Ross & Lil Kim


  1. i hate it. i really mean that voice thing i have ever heard from monica. second rick ross and lil kim on the track y?

  2. Monica and missy at it again!!! 🙂 Im so ready to hear this album! I love monica’s voice.

  3. I LOVE IT!! Something amazing happens to the female singers voice when they reach their late 20’s and early 30’s. It becomes stronger, richer, and more powerful. List the top 10 female vocalist (not just a typical singer) and study how their voices matured in that period. Monica, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Christina Augulara, Alicia Keys all of these singers are 30 or about to be 30 and their voices are at a peak! Always loved Monica!

  4. she did it again go Mo!

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