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A lot of us don’t realize that there’s a universal party going on, here you can get a record deal, learn about delicious vegan meals or even join a relationship and sex group. This party is otherwise known as Global 14, a social network designed to have more interaction and dialogue with the fans and subscribers. Check out this exclusive conversation between @Lathleen and Jermaine Dupri that reveals what it takes to run your own business/social network Global 14. Artists can also get paid for their work through Global 14.
Reporting by Lathleen

“Twitter doesn’t speak to conversation, it’s just notifying,” said music mogul Jermaine Dupri who is passionate about turning his social network into a larger community that promotes conversation. “All bloggers do is post something on their blog and they don’t comment back and forth to you. That got boring to me to, because I couldn’t talk to the people, I wanted to have dialogue,” says Dupri. His website already has over 21,000 members and growing. However, he stresses that it’s important to realize his network does more than just allow you to follow him. “People follow superstars because all they want to know is what {they’re} doing. Celebrities talk to the fans but they don’t specially talk back to everyone individually. Not that there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the opposite of Global 14. Global 14 is directly a community of people that wants to talk about the same thing.”

Dupri says he’s not trying to duplicate any other social network, “I’m not copying Twitter and I’m not copying Facebook, I’m actually just giving my generation a place where they can really live, it’s not an all black site, it’s a very open diverse group of people on the site. No one knew who Mark Zuckerberg  {creator of Facebook} was until he created Facebook. People know who I am, my style, the music I make, that should make you want to be apart of the company more than anything. I bring the technology and the knowledge of every other website but I also bring that swag that all those other sites don’t have.”
Dupri feels his past reputation of being able to connect with the youth can drive more attention to his network than others. He gave me this scenario to consider, “If I put 10 kids in a room with me and Mark Zuckerberg before people knew who he was, and you allow them to sit at my table or Mark Zuckerberg’s table, I personally think people will come to my table, because people know who I am and I’m more interesting. He is smarter than a motherf*cker and he probably knows more stuff than I do, but we’re living in a swag driven world and kids want to be around that, they don’t like you just because you’re creating, they want to be around that swag.”
Apart from this there is one thing Dupri wants you to distinguish before joining Global 14. “There’s a difference between friends and followers and people should understand that.” On Global 14, Dupri has separated real-life friends from followers. “No one on Twitter is your friend, that’s why they call them followers. None of these people are actually your friends. Charlie Sheen got one million followers in like one day; none of those people have ever spoken directly to him, so he has no friends on Twitter. Followers to me, is just following someone around. I felt that if my friends are on Global 14, I treat them like friends and not just followers and actually talk to them.”
How aspiring artists can get paid for their work through Global 14:
“I created G Jamz {online music store} on Global 14. If you have a song that you feel you want to make a video for & put it out for free, just give it to me, and I will exclusively put it in G Jamz. It won’t be sold anywhere else and it will go out for 99 cents and you can sell it and make some money. Right now these kids are getting nothing, I see a lot of kids everyday on Twitter, posting links saying ‘listen to my song, listen to my song,’ and they think its generating something, that’s not generating anything. And they are spending a lot of their money to do videos and stuff. If you’re going to spend you’re money at least get something in return. They’re basically all signed to me {So So Def}, it’s something like American Idol, once you’re in the store, we have an agreement that you are a Jermaine Dupri artist, so if you get super hot off of what I help you do and a label what’s to see you, they have to come see me as well.”
Straight Talk With Jermaine Dupri
How a Social Network Can Turn into Trash:
“The stuff that Odd Future and Chris Brown {was doing on Twitter (fighting) } is not what we’re doing here {Global 14}.
I blame it on the network; they have the power to delete what they let go globally. Like they allow people to get on there and create trending topics about people dying that aren’t even dead. That creates trash in the community. “
Which celebrities have Global 14 accounts?
Mariah Carey, Nelly, Diddy and Bow Wow have Global 14 accounts but they don’t have the time to talk to everyone all the time.
Besides promoting conversation, what makes Global 14 stand out amongst Facebook & Twitter:
The majority of people on Twitter are dormant. They just created an account started not liking it and just let it sit there. Same thing with Facebook, they say they have that big number {of members} but half of those accounts just sit there. What I’m happy about is that the people that are on Global 14 I see every night when I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up, so I know that they’re active.
What is Living the Life all about?
I created a blog on YouTube called Living the Life, I started filming my life, because I felt my life was interesting. If I told you what I was doing, you would think I’m lying, so I would start filming it, the fact that it was me filming soften up all my {celebrity} friends to allow me to film, because they knew I wouldn’t do anything malicious with the footage. Dealing with Mariah, Puff, Jay-Z anybody that’s my friends they know I’m not going to put them out there. All my friends started allowing me to film footage that no other camera could possibly get. So I created {an online show} called Living the Life. If you watch, you’re considered a lifer, I call people who live life through me {a lifer} That see things they’ll never a get a chance to see, like kids that’s in the hood, they watch the show and get to see what Paris looks like because of me, they see what other cities look like, atmosphere and just being around celebrities and living life through me.
When did you turn Vegan:
I’ve been a vegan for three years. It was something that we {Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson} were just on; she put me on this fast a year ago, and I stayed on this fast {no meat} for like 24 days. I got off the fast, I felt so different, I felt so light. I wanted to continue to feel like this so I said I’m going to be a Vegan.
I have a group on Global 14, a group of black kids that’s vegan. It’s not a great number but it’s a start. They know how much I travel so they hit me up on there and let me know where {all the Vegan spots are}
Dupri is truly staying current at the age of 37. You can learn more about the social network on


  1. G14 all day I represent!!

  2. Very good article

  3. These are the kind of articles and interviews they should be posting on a site like black planet,not that brain cell terminating nonesense of Amber slept with who and Kim chopped whoever.

  4. JD, I f*cks witchu heavy bruh, you, DJ Quik & Dr. Dre are cats who I look up to and study BUT this is sum of that OTHER shit for a label to have to come to you to sign an artist that has a song available for purchase on G14. Im sure you get a percentage of every track sold in G Jamz but you also want a percentage of the monies offered if they sign a deal? That’s coo if you’re doing something to help promote that artist specifically and not like “I’m promoting G Jamz so the artists that are on there inturn get promoted”. There are websites where for $10 sum1 could have their single available on over 20 Digital retail stores including iTunes & they just want $0.30 from each dollar you make (I wont say the sites cuz thats sum sucka shit) and if you sign a deal they don’t get anything from it. I hope I am misunderstanding something big homie, if so I apoligize in advance.

  5. JD…Hood Prep Clothing deals with all social networks…but Global14 is by far the one we really LIKE!!!


  7. So JD are you or your company going to own the rights to these artist music? or will the artist have control over their work?

    Are you going to be available to accompany those artist and sincerely help them from making a bad decision in the board room before they sign a soul stealing contract with the suits?

    I am concerned because music (or the music I choose to listen to) has exposed to us so many of the traps of the industry and as a fan of you and SO SO DEF I hope you are going to help young artist become a self sufficient machine for themselves and their families and not lead them down a path of fame and misery and the search for the next hot song and dance.

    JD I believe you have a heart and you are using it for good thats why I Ride with SO SO DEF because that OCEANS is in my blood.

  8. hell yeah !


  10. Pure genius. Btw was it the Daniel Fast?

  11. Beautiful article, great social community. Kudos JD for creating this environment and kudos to all of the G14 family I’ve connected with.

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