1. I love Johnta. I dont like this.

  2. I like… “you like a church babe… that means everyday… i get down on my knees and i pray to get your love your love…”

  3. @ Kandi …… I agree

    Hey, she said it this time….not me!!!!!!!


  4. @ Kandi…..I agree

    I don’t like it either.

  5. Def don’t like this, Coming from the person that got all of the johnta LTL in my favs and no all the words to the songs yall been working on, I need something like that!! I have not seen anything like that so far out of all the things yall have been posting for this #LSR mixtape, the anticipation for the mixtape is gone but im still anticpating the album. None of these make me wanna go find the dl link and get it now, before it drop. Feels rushed or something…… But I support the Ocean boys so you already no i got yall.

  6. i mean i dont know if its cause i dont like HER version of the song or if his version isnt giving me what i need but in the words of Tyrone…that aint it. I need something thats gone make me take this BHines mixtape out of my rotations. IJS.

  7. As someone who doesn’t particularly like Nicki Minaj, I prefer her version.

    As much as I love Johnta, I am not particularly keen of this song and “Hook it up”.
    I wasn’t a fan of the “Fancy” mix, either.
    To be honest, I have only enjoyed listening to “When 2 R in Luv”.

    I have really been spoiled these past few months, with great songs like R.Kelly’s “When a woman loves”, Ron Isley’s “Close to you” and Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I cry”. So, I believe Johnta needs to give me ‘more’, as I don’t want to listen to any music, below the standards of the previously mentioned songs.

    P.S. @Johnta,
    You exude a certain je ne sais quoi that doesn’t blend or fit with current songs on the chart/radio. You might be better off doing mixtape renditions of songs from the yesteryear.

  8. PPPLLLLLlease… tell me this is gonna be on DJcity!!!! I need this by Saturday!!!!!! Playing out in mass… Nickis song is still killing it!! Id LOVE to switch it up with this!!

  9. Uh, no.. Johnta I love you, but let Nicki sing this crap..

  10. I agree with the people saying the song itself is… eh… but… As a DJ… people request this shit (the Nicki version) So look at it from my point of view… IF YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS SONG TO APPEASE THE CROWD…. would you rather rock with Nickis version…. or THIS one?!?! Lets be honest…Johnta took this song and made it as hot as people are acting like the original is…. just saying!!! #GetMeThisTrack

  11. something so genuine and heartfelt about singing at the top of ones range without going falsetto head voice

    easy 12bar verse on that romance language


  12. Yeah…I have to agree with the homie StoneyOcean…I am not anticipating the mixtape as much as I thought I would. I need some better joints Johnta! I’ll ride out in the Neon to a couple of the joints like “Right There” and “When 2 R In Love” but other than that…the rest of the shit that has been posted has been str8 trash. No disrespect Johnta but as a fan of yours i’m not happy. I need to shut a few folks up about you and this isn’t giving me the defense I need.

  13. im not gonna lie. most songs of johnta music makes it hits me, this one doesnt hit me at on that THAT GOES level. how about using a different beat to it or something.

  14. Ah yah no Mr. Austin that ain’t it! I think y’all need Inty back to give his seal of approval on this cause its not really speaking to you and what you represent. Let’s leave the Barbie movement where it is! This is the Oceans movement often imitated never duplicated. Please put back your love where you found it and write us that fire we know you are capable of. That is all!

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