1. Needs Different Lyrics, Production, Voice Sounds Similar to 90’s R&B Artists… No Haiting, Just Constructive Criticism…

  2. I like it. Towards the middle sounded like you were struggling a bit with the notes. Cut the end. I dont want a rapper/singer i want a SINGER! Love ya bunches.

  3. When the song first started I just knew it would be a song I could really lay back n relax to… Yea it had a old R&B feel, but sometimes you need that to change up the tempo of things and not just sound like everyone else

  4. I don’t know about y’all but I like it! I’ve been listening to rnb my entire life and that’s a positve variation to what rnb is now! I mean there are singers like lloyd, Trey songz, j holiday who I like as artists but it’s just them right now(and 3 of em aint got an album out haha)…anyway Johnta u r one rnb cat that stepped that breaks the gap between oldschool rnb and newschool rnb…most definitely! that’s why I’m looking forward to the LSR mixtape and your album….

  5. sry i meant 2 of em, and I#m talking bout new albums!

  6. i liked this joint as soon as i heard the beat. very nice.

  7. As much as I love Johnta, I am not particularly keen of this song.
    I wasn’t a fan of the “Fancy” mix, either.
    To be honest, I have only enjoyed listening to “When 2 R in Luv”.

    I have really been spoiled these past few months, with great tracks like R.Kelly’s “When a woman loves”, Ron Isley’s “Close to you” and Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I cry”. So, I believe Johnta needs to step it up, as I don’t want to listen or buy any music below that standard.

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