I LOVE IT!!!!!

DJ Jay Dub Spinnin from djjaydub on Vimeo.


  1. thats was the shiT i heard em SO SO DEF!!!!!

  2. This was clean… DJ Jay Dub did his thang…

    *Dondria Marketing Ideas*

    1. Do a contest where people take pics of their receipt showing they purchased the cd and send them in and a winner will win a prize(this will encourage people to purchase the album instead of stealing it)
    2.For the Twitter war break the teams up. People with twitter names starting with A-M are #teamdondria and N-Z are #teamphatfffat. Officially announce this on next ustream.(competition brings out the best of people)
    3. Tell everyone to vote and also tweet for people to vote for @dondria video on 106 & Park(getting her on the countdown will allow more people to see her and hear her music)
    4. Tell people to do a twitpic of a pic of dondria on some site that they find once a day(this will get people more familiar with her face)
    5. Tell people to tell all their friends on facebook to add and vote for her video on 106 & Park (getting her on the countdown will allow more people to see her and hear her music)
    6. Try to get all of her youtube friends to sign up for a twitter and if they have one already to follow her and tweet #dondria (since she has a large youtube following this would help a lot with getting her to be a trending topic if they come over to twitter)
    7. Tell twitter followers to tweet “” which is a link to the tour dates (so they can know where she will be at and they can also tell people where she will be at)
    8. Tell people to make sure they Tweet her album release date and always mention @dondria #dondria (this will put the date in peoples head along with helping to get her a TT)
    9. Tell people to share her mixtape so people can get a chance to hear her if they havent already.(this will allow people to actually hear her)
    10. Make sure that everyone in the SOSODEF camp that has a twitter says something good about dondria daily so their followers will check her out. (this is more exposure)
    11. Add some more things in the Dondria section on the global14 site that will draw a little more attention from fans like pictures. (people will be able to get a lot more information about her)
    12. Continue to have her hitting up radio stations while she is on tour(to create a larger over the air audience)
    13. Have Dondria create a ustream channel (she will be able to interact with her fans and promote)
    14. Make sure Dondria continues to hit up twitter with her tweets
    15.Have fans do a email petition and see how many people sign. this will show the awareness of the album
    16. Have people send in videos of them singing her song and the best person wins a prize
    17. Have dondria on a couple of more LTL episodes(more exposure from a youtube audience)
    18. Have a contest for the person who can make the best flyer advertising her album (with all the different flyers people are going to see them)
    19. Do some Dondria talk to me on the jd1472 youtube channel (she can give her views on certain things and get people agreeing with her and that will get them to support her)
    20. Do a LTL of Dondria following her around for a day (this will allow people into her life even more attracting more fans)
    21. Have Dondria speak at local boys and girls clubs and teen shelters (exposure to a age group that will represent a good percent of who will purchase her album)
    22. Create a Yahoo group that sends out emails to fans daily and also features pics and videos (this will reach another group of people that may not be on twitter)
    23. Drop another Dondria mixtape a lil bit after her album drops
    24. Do a speak to me youtube where Dondria answers questions that fans have been asking
    25. Ringtone campaign and wallpapers for both computer and cell phone
    26. Get Bow Wow and the Ocean’s 7 to tweet and show that they support Dondria also
    27. Have people tweet about the album on peoples twitter pages like Necole Bitchie
    28. Get her a interview with Angela Yee
    29. Contact everyone on Twitter with “DJ” in front of their name to hit up @LTLline for that new @Dondria record-Makin Love
    30. Have radio interviews set up for every tour city.

    I have many more ideas so JD make sure you remember @ballajb.
    I have a Business Marketing degree from San Jose State University so I am interested in Marketing for SOSODEF and that only not singing and producing.

    So please everyone follow me @ballajb on Twitter and tell @LTLline to hire me.


  3. This is INCREDIBLE to see you post this. My brother did the video and DJ Jay Dub is our really good friend. Congrats to them both and thanks for posting this for people to view the work of them!!!!!! LIFERS STAND UP

  4. I love it…

  5. SHOUTS out to my BROTHA JW this SHIT is BAnGIIINNNNN its FIRE show him so luv

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