Bottoms Up [explict]


  1. Trey Songz ain’t lettin’ up. That’s going to kill radio. And I hope we all agree that Nicki Minaj has proven herself with her rhymes and delivery. She’s killing sh!t as well.

  2. ….You cant be serious…. Trey.. I agree.. KILLS the song! But Nicki…. Did you actually listen to the lyrics?!?! Sorry… I just wish she would disappear already! Just because you talk funny and got ass implants.. doesnt mean you should be famous… Just saying!

  3. i love this song i love anything trey does lol!

  4. Awesome!

  5. Luv’d it!!! Luv his grind!

  6. my dude we (H.A.M U) made this song already…..it sounds very similar in consept and hook if you ask me……..but you kan take a listen for yourself and let me know wat you think and i aint spammin either this is real shit hit this link right here and komment wat you think……… http://www.datpiff.com/DMentit_nDAnger_Ham_University_Presents_Th.m123145.html

  7. Love this track…2 thumbs up


  9. lol yall klik the link and listen to trak 4 im tellin you we already made this song and its just as hot maybe hotter…….but yall gotta hear for yourselves

  10. nikki’s part is great and i dont like her at all. lol and thats all i will say about this track.

  11. Yall trippin!, Nikki killed that shit. cant nobody touch her right now. you guys just super hate’n for real. fallback!

  12. Seriously, Nicki’s delivery is like my wife’s OB/GYN naturally flawless 2X. Again it is radio programming people, she is not going to recite the dictionary for you, but she will make you hit rewind, don’t front. And understand I’m not famous but I do this hip-hop since 1978.

  13. the song is ok Is it me does Trey sound like Rkelly?? Did you see mediatakeout going HAM on Trey and the guy cutting up the song title?? Still giving Nicki that blank stare* this rap is the best one I heard from her yet

  14. this song killz it trey and nikki just cuz she got fake things dont mean she cant rap all yal jus haten and need to know she killen it rite now

  15. i luv this song so i say it can take over the radio…..

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