1. look at that lil dimple. too cute! Go Brandon!

  2. Yo JD! You should check out this guy killin Ribbon In The Sky:

  3. Yo jd, whats wrong with that???
    It says the Video is Not available in my Country…. And that Happend with Some Episodes before for example with johntas photoshot or a Recording Session for lsr…… You got Lifers all around the World so make sure your vids are available for everyone!!!!!

  4. Hey JD i work for a FOX TV station in Cincinnati….u and Dondria ever in town….i’ll hook you up on our show! Love to have you!!! [email protected]
    Much luv for all her talent!!!

  5. Jd you stay on ur grind…I luv it! B is sexy!!!! But you couldn’t tell dude in the orange to brush his beard 4 LTL….lol.

  6. did anyone else think that news anchor was acting a lil bit strange? LOL… NEwayz, I’m loving Dondria & the boy B.Hines! JD, you know how to pick em!

  7. jd i must say u r going to shyt on the industry with ur new artists u got some talent baby! B.Hines!!!!!!! omg! he got it! Talent that is! looks too.. um yea he reminds me of a younger and better version of Musiq soulchild! oh shout out to Philly!!! Dondria .. ima true fan for life… just step it up a notch


    I have been reading the comments left on Youtube regarding this video, and it seems like a lot of people aren’t convinced about Dondria’s performance skills.

    I will be honest, and say that, I agree with some of the comments. her performances are lacking in both confidence and emotion.

    I think you should have a “Talk to me”, or get some fans who will be honest to you for a discussion panel (or something along those lines), so Dondria’s situation can be best worked out!

    There is no doubt that she can sing, but singing alone will not sell records. She needs a ‘wow’ factor that will make people flock to buy her CD and queue to buy tickets to her shows!

    Since ordinary/ everyday people helped bring her to the forefront, I think these same people/fffans should have a say as to how we want to see her evolve as an artist. We should also be able to voice our opinions about how we think she should be publicised and presented to the world.

    We all want the best for her, but some improvements need to be made.

  9. That dude was way too fruity for me

  10. JD,

    What’s good bro. Yo, tell the young boy BHines I said wassup. He was like my little brother coming up in highschool but I fell out contact with him when he went to Howard. I’m glad that he signed with a winner. Continued success to the both of you.

  11. europe can’t see your videos anymore…

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