1. i can’t wait for the video !!!! Janet looks great! thanks JD for keeping us updated!!!! Nothing is a hit,,,,, and i can’t wait for the movie! Send Janet my luv!

  2. I love this and I love the song!!! Can’t wait for the film.

  3. YES! Finally!!! My baby Janet looks amazing as always. You look okay too JD. Lol Can’t wait for the video. Love you guys!

  4. i cant wait for the video this was just a teaser untill we see the full video but lovin it thx jd

  5. Thanks JD! I just purchased the song … supporting you and Janet ~

  6. Enjoyed the video and luv Janet but ima need sum1 2 fire her stylist for those hammer pants they put on her..smh

  7. How much do i LOVE this girl more that all the words in all the books in all the world LOL is that enough…..

  8. loved it . cant wait . Thanks JD … I like the pants on her actually -cute

  9. janet is such a sweetheart. I can’t wait for this video.

  10. There is something so calm and angel like about Janet! Something that you can’t find every female around. You are a blessed man JD just to have been the MAN. Respect! TQ


  12. awww janet looks so cute.its nice to see u two interact with each other again. Much love 2 both of u.

  13. yay finally lol! aww I love janet so much! all the janet fans really appreciate u JD! (I kno it’s hard to tell most of the time cuz of the things they say but about u but they’re just jealous bitches who are jealous) if u know what I’m talking about..

  14. Thanks so much for this JD-its great seeing Janet back on LTL!

    i had to laugh when i saw what JD wrote “SORRY FOR THE WAIT LOL!!!” cause you just KNOW he had people tweeting him ‘wheres the janet LTL Jermaine,you said it would go up tonight and its not’ lmao.

  15. I’m excited to see this video because the song is dope! I loved the pants, the hair not so much. :p

  16. @ GO JANET…..

  17. @ JANET
    LOVE U!!!!

  18. Can’t wait to see the video!

  19. yo JD
    The usher album released today in germany!
    I just wanted to say: foolin around is so great. I wished there were more of your songs on raymond vs. Raymond.
    Usher thanks you, bcox and johnta as a hit maker and taste maker haha. You guys appear in the first row.

    thanks for being a part of this album.

    For all the lifers: this album is really worth buying it!

    Shout out to u jd!

  20. thanks for this. she’s gorgeous as usual! i’m excited for the video! janet is so cute – she’s one of the only ones out here who stays the same. she’s like a big kid.

  21. Thank you again Jermaine for the behind the scenes video, Janet is soooo georgous. Love the song alot, anxious to see the video itself, this just shows how much we really miss her on living the life. welcome back Janet, hope to see more of you on it.(LTL)we also miss the both of you together.(if something is worth having,fight for it.

  22. Man I love Janet so much she makes my laugh so hard sometimes. LOL

  23. I just love this song.. its so beautiful, just like Janet. Can’t wait for this Movie, and this video.. little sad we won’t get a new CD anytime soon, But I see Janet is doing more movie roles.. I support everything she gives us!! Congrats to (Janet,JD&BCox) Great work…

  24. Thank u so much JD! All of us Janet fans have been waiting for this sneak peak! Can’t wait for the video!! Please keep giving us Janet updates!


  26. I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!I ♥ Janet!!!!
    She is having so much fun!!! That smile tells it all right there! That’s what it’s all about! Looking so beautiful in the process!
    JD thanks for giving this to us, like back in the ol’days!!! Much respect!


  28. yeah bout time nigga, its pretty obvious ya’ll friends …. with benefits… but whatever get it how you live. Thank for da vid love you janet
    oh and lol @CECE-LTL ha hammer pants good one

  29. Thank you for posting. I’m new to this site and enjoying the energy.

    NEXT topic~ JERMAINE, PLEASE go git yo woman. Yes, I know what the situation “looks” like. I know relationships AINT easy. Yes, they are more sacrifice than you ever imagined. And you will do things you never thought you’d have to do. But a strong relationship built on a solid foundation is worth working for. Nothing wrong with starting over…
    Some days you won’t feel luv in the house LOL! But on those days, you’ll just have to KNOW that you’re loved & appreciated.

    OK, I’ll stop peaching now:)

    P.S.Cece, you’re right about the pants.

  30. I LOVE THIS SONG. Thank you for letting us into alot of things you do daily, you guys are awsome. I wish you two would get back together, what’s peanutbutter with no jelly? The two of you remind me so much of my own marriage. I’m glad I am with the love of my life.

  31. THANKS J.D. (Eventhough you took longer than Christmas) but it’s cool, I firgive you 🙂

    Janet is gorgeous as ALWAYS…..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the song!

    And I’ve said it about 5 times now, but I’ll say it again…2010 has Janet (Ms. Jackson if ya NASTY) and SOSODEF written ALL over it!

    I’m Wit IT!!!!

  32. Thanx for the sneak peek/behind the scenes JD 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the video!!!!!!!!!!! What’s the exact day that it’s premeiring????

    & Also, Thanx for pushing up the release of the single =D….I was going crazy just playin the hell outta that radio rip LOL!!!
    LOVE the song to death!!!!!!!!

  33. Wow love Janet thanks soooo much JD..keep up the good work………….

  34. Anticipating seeing the video… Congrats on it’s completion!!!

  35. Beutiful I am so glad to see you guys back hanging out like old times. Your true fans missed seeing you guys together. Anyhow going to Itunes to down load after this. thanks J.D. Man get your girl.

  36. Amen! Amen! Amen! to 4themusik and Tunisia! The two of you belong together!!!! Go and get your wife JD. I am so happy for my marriage! I take the good with the bad, knowing that that is the essence of life. I love the new song “Nothing”~

  37. Thanks Jd..good looking out..I cant wait for the movie or the video and i love the single..u have Janet sanggggggggging again!

  38. im goin 2 see dat movie dis friday janet jackson keep duin wat u duin u look great!!!

  39. Love it, love it, love it.

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