TI$A Accessories | Cazal 951 and Snapback Caps
Taz Arnold has released a couple of new accessories through his TI$A< /a> label. Bringing back classic 80’s luxury, TI$A outfiited a pair of black and yellow Cazal 951s with an original red and white strap. Simple snapback caps with WEED or BLOW emblazoned up front round out the drop. The caps come in black, white or a mixed colorway. Now available at Choiceisyours.jp


  1. The glasses are HOT, i can see these on while out by the pool or beach tannin my buns!
    The hat is nothing special, pass on that one.

  2. Mr General. As some call u on Twitter. U will b lookin so so fly, when you rock these. I like the 80’s comeback… keep me lookin.

  3. Fire!

  4. so im trying to oceans it up wit yall and it won’t let me download yo ish this is some frackle nackle check yo verifaction stuff……..FTS
    i can’t get pass that verify ish

  5. The shades are nice, the band is tight but might get a little irritable depending on the tention. the hat would be simply fresh with it being just plane white or white on white. naw I would rock white on white Sox or Detroit. Ditch the letters because it just turns the whole setup into some kind cocaine addict assessory kit when they beez on that BLOW and try ta hide it when they out kickin it.

  6. Bringing back classic 80’s luxury? Come on now, this is 2009, we need something that’s new to our time. Designers need to come up with something out of this world that represent the 21’st century. When I make it big making music and doing acting/movies, I will start my own clothing line. Nope, I ain’t gonna chose what should be selected for my brand, it’s gonna be custom made. I’m gonna draw it out, and have the designers make it come to life. That’s what a real visionarie does YOU HEARD! lol! I’m an artistic you know, I have an eye for what’s acceptable and what’s perfectable.


  8. The Cazal’s are SICK!! I need ’em. The hat is WACK!

  9. I love them…..They are sooo hot

  10. Yeah, let’s promote illegal drug use. Just what we need. Currently watching CNN’s “Reclaiming the Dream,” and this kind of drug glorification is just one of the many problems effecting the black community and holding back our children. Use caution in what you promote as cool JD. The kids look up to you.

  11. the glasses are fly

  12. The Cazal’s are Hot! So 80ish! I love it.

  13. decent….nah im feelin these

  14. Replyn to The Truth .. ….As you know, J.D. in today’s society the black male is not in the average black family. In the past, we had fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, neighbors, pastors and friends that were good role models and kids did not have to look outside their family circle. As times has change, the AVERAGE black man role model is almost extinct. It is Excellent to have Celebrity black men/women like yourself and others, who are paving positive roads for our black youth. Special Thanks to the average black men and all our Celebrity All Stars who is paving positive roads for the black youth around the world. Much Love, to the Single Mothers who are paving roads to raise successful black children.


  16. Looooooooooooooooooooooooove the sunnies.

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