1. It Will Never Be Another He Was The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. feel ya on this one

  3. This cover is amazing I’m buying two copies

  4. AMEN. If Michael was so “uncool” how come everyone is so shocked and saddened by his death? And you’re right. If Michael was so “uncool” then why is this cover going to see more than last month’s ? Or maybe any other cover they’ve had? Because Michael Jackson has always been and will always be hot.

  5. I have to comment here. This is a load of B***Sh**. I dont get to fired up but I am so tired of the media. What do they mean “when he was cool?”. Like you said Mike was cool throughout his entire life. I love the picture but they wont get my money!!!

  6. Low Blow by GQ, I’m wit u…why they post a title like that??? Unless when u open it up it says…..”When Was Michael Jackson Cool………ALWAYS!!!!!!”

  7. You should have never gave GQ any fame. FUCK THEM. MICHAEL WAS ALWAYS COOL!

  8. *smh* in disgust….

  9. He is a LEGEND!!! HE’s DA KING OF POP!

    MJ ROCKS!!!!

  10. I FEEL U JD!!!!!

  11. great cover wack title..real talk jd

  12. WTF
    michael is the illest 4 life
    damn GQ
    lower then low 4 u to try a wack
    attack like that…
    “long live the king”

  13. Michael Jackson’s always been cool!!!!! no question

  14. “when he was cool?” how can you make a tribute issue then negate him that way? Michael was always and will always be “cool”, he was the greatest entertainer this world has and will ever see.

  15. I will not buy this mag. dumb and disrespectful..Why put him on there if you gonna talk dumb about him..SMDH

  16. R.I.P MJ ,we miss you so much ,there will never be another micheal & you will forever live in our hearts,
    Thanx JD this looks so good ,Micheal looks so good ,we love him so much.

    we miss him so much

  17. Fuck That Shit Michael Was The Best All His Life ! That Just Pissed Me Off

  18. I love the cover but the title is bs and wrong on so many levels

  19. That’s sad that things like this are being published. That’s like somebody writing about the editors mom “when she wasn’t a whore!” I’m sure they wouldn’t like that so they should think before they write things. Michael Jackson shared his talent with us his entire life and I’m 20yrs old and MJ has always been cool to me. Ppl are so cruel, if they don’t respect him as a person they could at least respect the fact that he’s dead and not diss him. I hope on August 29th MJ will finally get to rest peacefully!

  20. This cover is amazing. Im definitely going to pic up a copy. But what were they thinking about when choosing the title? Michael was rediculed and tormented by the media most of his life, and its a shame that it wont stop even after his death. RIP to the King of Pop- Michael Jackson

  21. your so right JD ,its no fare ,they always presented him as the bad guy,they were so mean to him ,his all life and then they use his name and pictures to make money,that shit ain,t cool at all.
    because us as fans we gona buy any thing that has MICHEAL on yet these losers who diss him are getting the money.

    THIS SHIT AIN,T COOL – thats it

  22. Michael ” The King ” Jackson…. in one word ” Immortal ” reguardless of him passing away he was larger than life literally. People all over the world praise this man for his music & what he did as far as being a humanitarian. Honestly GQ editiors
    Should get the shit smack outta them for this title like really MJ was cool before there magazine was even published.

    P.S … Let him rest in peace

  23. Wow, thats real talk. I really feel this needs to be posted again..

  24. The cover is condescending, and comical on GQ part. Logically it makes no sense! I hope they get heat from it, and retract the cover, that would be ideal. I hate responding to things like this because I try and stay neutral when it comes to the media. But coming from a magazine, I know not one publisher, not one editor would publish something like this expecting a good outcome. Poor judgment on GQ end. Pathetic

  25. What a stupid title. Way to pay tribute GQ.

  26. Once cool. Always cool.

    How can you come up with such a bullsh*t title like that. Rather not do any coverage of him then if that’s what you got to say. Oooh I forgot you need to sell you sh*t azz tabbie mag, yeah?!?!!!

    Listen to ‘Money’ that is the KOOL Michael Jackson, you’ll get featured in the song, the song is for you, you bastid editors.

  27. I agree JD, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon of making money off this guy. I feel like if its not a genuine love, then they need to stop it. Its hurtful and disrespect ful to him and his family. They have a nice cover as you said and then they mess it by saying “when he was cool”…are you serious. If anything I hope the fans don’t buy this cause this isn’t a tribute, its a make money off Michael while we still can scheme. I’m not gone lie and say I was huge fan of Michael, but I was definitely a fan, I loved his work, I loved the t.v. movie made about his life and I hated the way the media treated him. They treated him as if he wasn’t human and like he didn’t have feelings. Even in death they still dissed him in the media, to busy focusing on the few negatives he may have had, but you never hear about all the positive things Michael has done. SMH….Don’t buy it guys!! I know I wont be getting it. Ebony had an issue that they dedicated to Mike, so if you want photos to remember him, I suggest that magazine, it has never before seen photos, and childhood photos…a really great issue.. 😉

  28. oh lord this things piss me off too man, i mean ppl use michael jacksons image just to sell cause they cant do it on their own ugh…Michael is and will always be the BEST…

  29. I’ve been a fan literally all my life, and this is the one artist who never stopped putting out artistically and commercially relevant music. He had a message, he had a point, he was authentic. He didn’t have to remain the Michael Jackson that we knew at age 23 in order to be loved. It shouldn’t have mattered what color his skin was, how many cosmetic surgeries he had, or who he was or was not romantically involved with. What should have mattered was whether or not he was happy and fulfilled. If the people who loved him had made sure of that, and if people in his inner circle hadn’t taken advantage of him, he never would have become addicted to drugs, he never would have died at age 50. All he needed (and all any of us have ever needed) was LOVE, and he is STILL not getting that from everyone, even in death. Shame on GQ for that thoughtless dig at the greatest musical artist of all time.

  30. Nice cover less the title.Buy the Source and Ebony. They did a wonderful tribute. He was and always will be cool to me and millions of other fans around the world.

  31. Is selling mags getting that hard where a fashion mag has to use tabloid tactics!!! Michael was always cool… Ask yo momma!

  32. Aight First Thing First, Yo Media MF’s are retarded. Thats Micheal Jackson !!! You Gonna Be Like “WE LOVE U MIKE!!!! when u was cool ” LOL fuck dat. Regardless of how u Felt about the Nigga. (Yea I said nigga thats how I talk No Pun Intend) but damn. When Was the last time GQ Sold a Million Mags In Under An Hour? Not to Knock the Hustle Cuz Its a dope Mag But damn you kno Americas tolerance for Bullshit….LOL

  33. This is so rude to say, “When Michael was Cool.” My dream is to become a director but know Im a little reluctant to get into the business. Why does the media constantly feel like they can say and do anything without and reprecussions? This is someone’s son/brother/father/mentor that they’re talking about. Yea Michael had his flaws, but who the hell doesn’t? How about we expose the flaws of the media who cont/ to bash the one’s that we love. This is crazy, I can’t believe that I live in a world where people can be this vindictive. This is crazy. I love you Michael and I hope that you are finally RESTING IN PEACE!

    -DamitaJo_Fans (twitter.com/DamitaJo_Fans)

  34. When Michael was cool…When has MJ not been cool???…You said it JD “wack a** title” Come on GQ, y’all could do better than that.

  35. Boi i tell you..”when Mj was cool”….MJ was cool,is cool,will always be cool…here is something for all you nay sayers…and i quote..LET THE LATE GREAT VETERAN LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! we love you MJ..R.I.P my brother..BANN GQ MAGAZINE PEOPLE,WE GOT TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN…@90degrees

  36. Man, fuck GQ ppl need to leave micheal jackson alone. It kills me when all these celeberties and news ppl and magazines talk about how they love micheal but they was the main muhfuckas dissing and calling him all kinds of names.Now that hes gone yall love him but where was the love and support when he needed us!!! I rep Gary,Indiana to the fullest and he was and will always be my hero!!! Fuck the press MICHEAL WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!

  37. F*CK GQ Magazine . F*CK everybody who disses Michael Jackson . He has ALWAYS been Cool and he always will be cool .

  38. Your MAG has stopped being cool for over a decade now…. Pathetic that you would say “When Michael was cool ” Michael will be still be cool when you dont have a job any longer.. People who have ascended to some steps on the Spiritual Ladder unlike you .. knows that Michael was always cool.. and that blind ppl like you the Unseen Warfare tries and comes at him even when He has ascended to the next realm…. mySuggestion is dont go out in a Thunder Lightening Storm… U might just get cracked… you used to be a great Mag.. now u are pathetic like all the rest!
    you RIP!

  39. GQ has stooped to an all time low. The magazine’s futile attempt to redefine MJ’s “Cool” makes them appear to be “Lames” themselves! GQ mag is not for my tastes at all ,period, end of story! Even if they turn around and have a brilliant article inside it is STILL overshadowed by the cover’s hypocrisy! Apparently, with the staggering number of album sales after his death…,MJ HAS ALWAYS BEEN COOL PEOPLE!!! Don’t stop till you get enough! Nuff said!

  40. You are so right, I agree 100% with you J.D.

  41. agree with JD. uncool title. show more respect

  42. Yet another media outlet trying to cash in on Michael’s name. Me being an extremely big fan of Michael’s, I refuse to buy this magazine. Like you said I have always felt that Michael was cool, shit Michael is still cool. The picture is lovely but the message is bulls***! Damn it I’m so sick of these damn media outlets still f-ing with Michael…. “When he was cool” Hell putting Michael on the cover of their damn magazine is what is making them “cool” When will it ever stop??

    Miss U so much MJJ

  43. just because of this shit I’m not buying the magazine when he was cool, the man is gone yet he still can’t get no peace. a shame a real shame

  44. My sentiments exactly JD. I have been a fan of the Jacksons since
    remember n it pisses me off 2. This time last year the only covers MJ graced
    were the tabloids with their bullsh!t stories about him. He was allegedly n financial
    trouble but no 1 bought his music. Now that he has passed err’body n
    their Mama is capitalize’n. That is REALLY what’s piss’n me off! Where were these “fans”
    this time last year???? I was check’n out some of his videos 2day on YouTube n do u
    know that Thriller has been viewed over 62,000,000 times?
    That’s sixty two million times people! Who else has done this
    sh!t? I have bought several commemorative magazines n I won’t
    say how much I’ve spent but I will say that the GQ Magazine will
    not grace my coffee table. Long live the King of pOp!

  45. I just can’t understand y the media was so mean 2 MJ
    Or the whole Jackson family.. MJ was and will always
    Be cool 2 me.. RIP 2 the KING of POP, Damn it’s still so
    Unreal to 2 that he is gone, Thank god we have his music!!!!

  46. Well, this is on tribute magazine that I WILL NOT BUY. I have Ebony, The first Rolling Stones (They had 2 tributes) and Time magazine.

    Please MJ fans, DO NOT BUY GQ and VANITY FAIR. Vanity Fair have been very very cruel to MJ thoughout the years. how dare these two are trying to profit from MJ’s fame and dissing him at the same time?


  47. He is SO uncool…that is why he has been #1 on the charts (not jus the US despite Billboard cover up, but the world over) for the last 7 weeks. Long Live the King!!!

    Remember MJ on his birthday, august 29th. Michael Jackson Day!

  48. GQ will not get a dime from me ever & that’s a might long time!
    Ya’ll @ GQ should be ashamed of yourself’s! so CLASSLESS of ya’ll what a damn shame!

    I’d say ((([email protected]&^ You GQ!)))

    If anyone wants to purchase a very tasteful!! TRIBUTE! to the King of pop Michael Jackson,
    Ebony has a beautiful one out as well as People mag….

    Salute CLASS! & not ☞ GQ’s ass!!!

    RIP MJ we will always l♥ve you! & we miss you so!

  49. Yo, wtf do they mean WAS cool???? I think that’s a insult! GQ could’ve came up with a better cover title than that.

  50. Man they really need to sell some magazine covers don’t they. Mike and Obama are the two biggest things to hit in the past year so these @ss can get they money.

    Slick son of a b……..

  51. Yeah GQ is a bunch of crap for doing this tile and magazine about Michael… I will not be buying it..Screw GQ!
    RIP MJ.. You are truly the best..

  52. Micheal Jackon the Jackson 5 was always cool. I thkn we need to ban together and not buy this Article or any other article. lets show GQ who really has a voice the pourchasing power…. LOW BLOW by QG……

  53. I agree JD, they’ll drop his name and images to sell copies, then they diss the hell out of him. The commemorative Time magazine is the same way in some spots. Al Sharpton said it best: there was nothing strange about Michael, it was strange what he had to go through. And it’s even more strange what he still endures, even in his death. So glad I cut my GQ subscription last year.

  54. This is ridiculous. I have bought every magazine celebrating Michael since his death, but I’m going to have to really think about this one…

  55. They really didn’t need to go there to sell magazines. People like myself are buying them as keepsakes. Not sure if I want this one. When he was cool? Really GQ that’s what it is? I’m tired of this bs.

  56. Unfortunately, Jermaine that is the way of the world! They are putting Michael on the cover, because even in death he can make them millions. And you would think that that would give them pause for cause and that they would show respect. However, take solace, in knowing that the fans are not fooled. My condolences to the Jackson family. My twelve year old daughter loves MJ and we are still mourning our (the world’s) loss of such a great talent and human being.

  57. Buying it will be like saying you agree with the stuff they said. Money is power people. Send them hoes a message and let their shit sit on the shelves.



  60. I ‘d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. A lot of the media outlets are disrespectful & tasteless. Mike’s music is timeless, some of the greatest writing & production you will EVER hear & he will NEVER be outsold. Mike’s follower (fans) determine how cool he is/was, not some magazine. Mike stole the show whenever he made an appearance, even if he stood there and said nothing. His presence spoke for itself.

  61. they couldn’t think of else? well I got some for. they next should not have nobody on it and it should say: “GQ: we thought we were the best, but I guess we are just bull shit like the rest”. LOL LOL LOL

  62. That was so disrespectful Not one of the many magizines I have gotten since his death say that show some respect for him,your magizine,and yourself that was just rude we all know he has always been bad and is the best!!!!!! and always cool I was hoping for him to come to the united states and tour after london even though I was going to london I knew he still had it but the damn media is pissing me off they need to get out their feelings and grow the fuck up really this man made magizines fly off the shelves he changed the world and that ment money for their motherfucking greedy ass they need to be thankful and stop being so negative I swear here we dont appreciate no one but over there in europe and every where else but the they get all the love that is a shame thats why he left the U.S cause we dont have know respect and always take things for granted and never show love he got to go to another country to hear all the screaming fans and people passing out and crying over him, the media drove him away R.I.P michael God is in control and see’s every thing

  63. Fuck them bitches man….The Real Fans know what Michael is all about and we don’t give a fuck about the damn magazine and what they say. They talking shit the way they have always talk shit…but we still support the real him…fuck the media that is still trying to tear down his name (even when he’s resting in peace)…LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. If they’re going to be disrespectful, they are better off just letting the man rest in peace. You were allowed to take shots at MJ when he was alive. But now that he is gone, it’s just good character to speak positively or not speak at all. Some people just weren’t raised right.

  65. The media is sooooo FUCKED UP!!!!!!! JD, I so agree w/ u on this.,.,GQ is full of shit!! Well said @ Feeline!

  66. This is just so disrespectful. I am so tired of the media portraying this man to be such a weirdo, but you wanna him on your cover to make you money. This man is gone to his final resting place and they still do not have enough decency to respect this man. The media scrutinized this man all his life and still doin it, how distasteful. It just burns me up. I emailed them about this and I will never pick up GQ mag. They should’ve been praising him cause it won’t be another Michael and nothin close to it. This man has a family for God sakes. GQ is full of shit

  67. That’s that bullshit right there. SMH. I won’t be purchasing that…

  68. WTF! I agree, MJ never stoped being cool!


  70. Who is the author of the article? If we really want to give him a piece of out mind we should find out what his name is and his email address from the website and blow up his inbox.

  71. Hot cover..i refuse to buy it tho based on the damn title..period! *shaking my head*

  72. U know what i am sick of ppl riding the mj wave now to sell mags and stuff.I have always rode for mike and he has always been the shyt to me.I always got his message of unconditional love MJ didn’t see ppl for outside appearances only he wasn’t shallow and I saw him for the great person and humanitarian he was .GQ can go to hell.

  73. If GQ was going to talk about the dark times, fine but that is not a tribute. Tribute means to honor, the title is trying to have it both ways (love&hate).



  76. WHY DO U BOTHER? Insulting a dead man…….under the heading of ‘TRIBUTE’
    Look up Dictionary.com…..
    1. a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.

  77. when Michael was cool? Mr.Jackson IS way beyond cool he IS amazing

  78. A wah di RASS do dem ppl yah…wat dem mean seh wen Micheal was cool….he is cool and will always b cool because he is still loved by his fans and mi cyaah believe it, after him dead and gone dem still a diss di breda wid a headline like that. Hiss teeth.

  79. If you’re going to pay homage to someone, why use that opportunity to throw jabs? That’s not a tribute. Don’t try to sell your wack ass magazine by putting MJ on the cover then dissing him on the same cover, calling it a tribute. Tribute my ass!

  80. The fact that haters still talk trash at him shows he was the best of all time. Conspiracy against him only affected the unable to reed between the lines. The MJ fans who truly love michael are soooooooooooooooooooo much more than haters…MJ was the COOLEST dude throughout his life…

  81. wat up jd nice cover of mj hate the title! were do these magazine come up with these dumb ass subtitles for there covers! 2 me mjj was always COOL! Im buy the mag bcuz hes on it but they did not have to do that! pay ur respect but do it with class! c how they treat a brother 4 real its a damn shame! rest n peace mjj!

  82. In death we should focus on the positive and good points of a person. I agree that the title is tasteless. Once again, people have to learn to give their opinion with their wallets. If you do not like stuff like this, make sure you don’t purchase it. The fastest way to get stuff like this to stop is to stop spending money on it. I don’t think the American public understands that every time you make a purchase you are voting to keep that item going. Nobody is perfect, let’s remember Michael for the icon that he is and all of the good that he brought to the game.

  83. The cover is nice but I wont buy this copy of GQ. It’s sad how people continue to disrespect this man. I guess there’s nothing cool about being the greatest artist of all time.

  84. its all juss for money, eh?
    he’s prob the most dissed celeb of all time!
    rip mj

  85. I agree with JD, crap like this is very aggravating. I’m only 17 but from all that I remember Michael has always been cool. There was no need for GQ use that title.

  86. I feel that this is a very poor way to honor someone that has given so much of himself to music and culture as a whole. He was a true artist, trendsetter, humanitarian, among other things and continue to be the all-time person that has affected music and will continue to be. If you look at any of todays Pop and R&B stars, you will see something that they learned from Michael. If you listen to any of the music, you will find Michael. If you look at MTV, HE is the reason that you see black faces because I remember a time where Black videos weren’t being played on MTV, but MICHAEL JACKSON forced them to see past color because he was a MUSICAL GENIOUS. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT GQ WILL PULL THIS COVER OFF OF THE STANDS, OR BETTER YET, WE AS CONSUMERS HAVE MORE CONTROL THAN WE THINK. LET’S STAND TOGETHER FOR ONCE AND BOYCOTT THIS MAGAZINE, THEY WILL THEN RE-THINK WHAT’S APPROPRIATE IN HONORING SOMEONE SO GREAT! DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE. DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE. DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE.DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE.DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE.DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE.DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE.DO NOT BUY GQ MAGAZINE.





  88. I just found out who wrote that story BACK IN THE DAY
    Before the weirdness claimed his legacy, Michael Jackson understood his talent—and what he was willing to do for it—better than we ever have
    By John Jeremiah Sullivan. They know that was wrong and I’m about to give them a piece of my mind I hope their magizine files for bankruptcy and goes down so we can say when GQ was cool…..

  89. Oh I’m sorry when have they been cool???? again .

  90. I notice the magazine in the airport last week. I went over to read it and I didnt like the title. Till this day Michael has never been recognized for his greatness. He was a kind caring giving person. I always had love for him and his family. It’s a shame that he didnt get all this love when he was alive. Michael will always be the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

    Someone mentioned 62 million hits on youtube damn that’s amazing. I was watching his videos for years on the internet. I’m going to youtube right now and watch my favorite video Smooth Criminal.

  91. The way they are talking about Michael – The Legend OKAY!! – is completely inappropriate. How dare they!
    Michael DEFINED “cool”!
    This makes me so angry!!!!
    Ridiculous waste of what could have been a great tribute issue.
    Miss You Michael.

  92. HE WAS A GENIUS!!! The likes of which we will NEVER see again!!! His shit will ALWAYS be the sh*t…f*ck what chu heard!!!

    The haters are doing what they do….everybody needs a job I guess!

  93. Michael was cool his entire life ¡ He is the best of the bests, one in a kind ¡¡¡¡ They know that, that’s why they are still making money at his expenses OMG ¡

  94. Honestly, can we really be surprised at this point? Did anyone have the unfortunate chance of reading that crap “Rolling Stone” tribute? For some reason I received it, free in the mail. I’ve never thrown a piece of trash away faster than after reading that garbage. Journalism is at an all time low. People actually need to go to school to a degree in how fabricate stories and slander another human being?!

  95. Noway… I am not buying this *CRAP*.. I can’t believe these media people are calling him *UNCOOL* … IDIOTS and IGNORANTS…. I will just do what Michael asks his fans to do—->>>> DO NOT READ THESE TABLOIDS. THEY ARE A TRASH. 99.9% IS UNTRUTH. THEY SHOULD HAVE A TABLOID BURNING CEREMONY.

  96. The title is wack but I decided to read the article. Trying to be fair.

    GQ ran a really good article in ’94 about the family that extorted money from Michael Jackson and was never addressed by the media (Hard Copy paid his former employees for their stories).

    The writer mentioned as Michael’s fame increased, he became more reclusive and reduced his access to mainstream media but still granted interviews with magazines like Ebony that supported to him. Probably felt more comfortable with black media outlets.

    Listen to his interviews on You Tube with Steve Harvey, Jesse Jackson and Ebony. You can hear how relaxed he is and how much fun he had.

    This article just reinforced my stand to not support magazines like this that exploit Michael Jackson even in his death.

    No fucking respect!

    There are some really good interviews with people that worked with Michael Jackson that are positive and with dignity. Check out the interviews with Teddy Riley, Cory Roomy and Chris Apostle and Bruce Swedien.

    Think we’ve heard enough shit about Michael Jackson and it’s time to hear about the good and all contribution he made to music. He was the G.O.A.T!

  97. Oh please I would of bought this mag just because Michael is on the cover but since GQ is no longer cool I won’t waste my money.. Michael was un-touchable. Even after death he will have jealous-haters because NOBODY can compare to him.

  98. This title is so dissapointing from GQ, very disrespectful to Michael his family and friends. The guy sold out 50 shows at the o2. How cooool is that ? How do you define cool? Michael was unique and an inspiration to so many people, helped the less fortunate through his time money and music. He gave so much to the world. We thank you michael and I am sorry about this poor article by GQ.

  99. When he was cool? What rubbish! The amount of ticket sales alone for This is It concerts alone proves his status! And if he was such a weirdo etc then why use anything about MJ to boost sales!!!! Michael Jackson never lost it, its the media who slated him and now they are exploiting his death to boost sales. There are so many negative people in the world, Michael simply tried to make it a batter place.

  100. you really made me cry today…. i’ve been loving Michael since i was born( i was born to love him)
    thank you for loving Michael too. thank you for supporting him until now. the coolest and the misunderstood man in the world, the Michael Jackson we all know was the Biggest entertainer in the whole wide universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I agree the cover is hot but what in the hell do they mean when he was cool he’s always been cool. Leave it to a white person to determine when Michael Jackson was cool they would be pissed if one of us disrespected Elvis. Michael was cool from the time he auditioned for Berry Gordy up until the day that casket dropped in the ground and he will forever be the ish. So let the haters keep on with their non-sense as long as we (meaning African-Americans) continue to show our love for him and the Jackson family his legacy will continue forever. WHO’S BAD?????????????

  102. It’s a great article. I think the title is meant to be satirical, ridicule intended to expose truth.



    The Michael Jackson cover story written by John Jeremiah Sullivan added nothing at all to the MJ discussion, tell John his pen reads like the garbled ramblings of someone in a straightjacket, the story was the most incoherent bullshit that I have read in recent months about the pop star.

    I read that bullshit online, I DID NOT buy that rag

  104. That title on the GQ cover caught me COMPLETELY off guard. As a fan, the title alone was offensive. The first question that popped up in my head was, “Wasn’t Michael ALWAYS cool?” (especially DESPITE some downfalls in his career) Was this man NOT ahead of the game, not only in music, but in the fashion world? MJ made the-all-black-covered-in-zippers-chains-and-buttons_look THE sh*t WAY before big named fashion couture brands hopped on the band wagon (they are DUMB late for that sh*t by the way). I wasn’t even born in the 80’s, but watching MJ dance around in that legendary red jacket made me ask “does that jacket come in women’s style?” So when the HELL has Michael NOT been cool? For a magazine to throw in a sneak diss (as you callled it) is some pure BITCHASSNESS to me. >:-|

  105. michael was the best entertainer that ever lived and people tryina say shit about him even after his death..man fuck dat. its really messed up how this world treated this man..he deserved way better and heaven is where he belongs! and GQ…if you tryina sell a magazine talkin about michael..that means the FANS are the once buyinq it..so y tha fuck would you say shxt like..when he was kool?..he was awesome all his life! fuck the haters! hes loved by many!..all over the WORLD! rest in peace MJ!

  106. i totally agree with u JD on this one because if he was only “cool” then,then he wouldnt steal be talked about and discussed in the media for 3 months straight! they have been covering MJ’s death for the whole summer, oh but he was only cool back when he was still black…smh.

  107. what kind of shit is this no michael fan should buy this magazine. i agree with you jd

  108. U know, the very fact that GQ thought up of a heading like this evidences that they are sooo NOT cool, and they are reallly, really shallow. If they seriously think that they are honouring Michael by this way they’ve got to be darn stupid (if they’ve got a brain, for that matter, which I doubt).

  109. I was all set to buy this issue, because it’s a gorgeous photo, but then I caught that headline and said “Fucking BITCHES!”

    Michael Jackson was insanely cool ALL his damn life! It also shows that these people are idiots on the business front. It’s MJ fans who’ll bump their sales but with a shitass title like that?? Pfffftt. Seriously, if they think we’re stupid enough to not catch that diss to MJ, then it’s huge diss to us.

    I ain’t no fool GQ.

    ps – ALSO, Rolling Stones Tribute? CRAP! Do NOT buy it. It’s disgustingly absurd that they think they’re paying tribute to a legend by making harsh digs and unwarranted, unjust criticisms. They bash him left, right and centre. I’m so upset I bought that. You want a good tribute book? Pick up Ebony’s or MJ – The One And Only.

  110. I heard about this cover- thought he looked amazing on that picture! and read the caption “When MJ was cool” and got so turned off. The nerve. from 1958- to the ends of time HE WILL BE COOL. My dad ended up buying the issue- because he knew of me and my mother’s love of his work and music. BUT DIDNT READ THE BOLD FACE WORDS STARING HIM IN THE FACE!!!!! I read the first column- it was awful. It made my mother DEEPLY angry. They are using his image to spread there evil ideas about him. No one sides with them. SUCK IT GQ

  111. hey JD

    im from Ireland, im 17 n ive loved michael jackson since i remember! but i reli feel ya on this one cos all the shit the media has said abt him pisses me of n now they r jus tryin 2 make cash outa his death! he was and always will be cool!!!

  112. dispenses utilize a terrific webpage decent Gives with thanks for the work to help out people

  113. Think we’ve heard enough filth about Michael Jackson and it’s time to hear about the good and all contribution he made to music. Mike’s music is timeless, some of the greatest writing & production you will EVER hear & he will NEVER be outsold. Michael DEFINED “cool”!

  114. I’m not a big fan of Michael, but the media is disgusting write about him and say all sorts of nasty things after his death. And when he was alive – he licked the heel.

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