Boots Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain, $1,700


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  1. OMG! These are so Hot…and Fun to oogle at. I have a purse that would look amazing with these.
    Or take it the other way and they look a bit Dominatrix, add a whip and fun things and WATCH OUT!
    JD…what u thinkin with these u bad boy?????

  2. those are HOT
    iUse to have a pair
    somewhat like that..
    but let zippers w/ more
    buckels.. hahaha
    LUV ’em jD!!
    good stuff

  3. Hot ads boots!!!

  4. Hey J.D.
    My post ain’t got nothin’ to do with LOSO but uuuhm. just check this french producer remix of Drake -Best I Ever Had. the video’s nice too 🙂

    The man needs some promo so maybe global14 could help even though u don’t use to do this!

    Keep goin with LTL and showing us how cool u live haha. Peace Sir!

  5. Oh Yeah.. I can rock these, sporting a little black dress and showing nothing but my sexxy milk chocolate melt in your mouth thighs….

  6. likey likey

  7. JD I think u should peep this being so u loved MJ as much as I did. This is what’s going down in NYC on 8/30/09 in Central Park but we’re dancing to Thriller.

  8. Man, I am a bad boot bitch! I will wear some bad ass boots year ’round….. It’s a fetish that I just can’t shake…. but none that expensive…. $500 at the most. Looks like I need to start saving up…. and that can be an honor roll gift because all A’s in summer school at UT is HARD!


  9. them are tuff…

  10. In your words Jd…i phucks with them! lol nice boots

  11. Oh yes I would rock some boots or heels when ever doing the year alot going on with the zippers but they bad as hell I can work them

  12. Fire My Lady NEED These!

  13. AUGUST 30…dont 4get OBoyz=-) 37.5=-) feel free to throw in one of those OCEAN CHIC BAUGs=-)~

    oh Johntae..not enuff pics..please share more

  14. Hot Boots!!! I need to ad a pair of these boots to complete my rocker/domanatrix collection…. 🙂

  15. i would be kill it in these .they look fab . “your what you are J.D and no body is ever gona take that away from you” just keep us going coz we love it

  16. dem boots bad az hell!!

  17. BANGIN!!!!!! That’s It!!!!!!!

  18. I dig chicks in boots……. Throw’em in the bag…… Im trynna nock boots, Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!


  20. Now these I like!

  21. love the boots….i would rock those in a heartbeak….

  22. Very Fetish Dom, if you like that sort of thing. This is for rich folk. Even if I was a billionaire, I would not pay $1,700 for a pair of boots, it’s just not practical. Why do some people spend their money on material items that they can’t afford? Hence the economic crisis, everyone is living on credit. Don’t even try to keep up with these celebs, many of them get all their Gucci and LV and all that other chi chi foo foo stuff as comps from companies to wear and promote their brand. It’s like product placement in movies. Advertisers pay big dollars to have a Pepsi can resting on a tabletop in a blockbuster movie. I Soulja Boy gets free Gucci everything now just for writing a song about a Gucci Bandana 😉

  23. what trips me out about things like this is the fact that probably almost all of us fucked around and made something creative growing up. like i remember being in school making them rings, not fancy just you basic home made lookin ring. then all of a sudden them same style of rings got hot and next thing you know u see foos wantin to charge u a couple bills for one.

    my point is, yea those boots look nice. but it looks like something any of us could have made with a bottle of jack, a pair of boots and some zippers from the fabric store.


  25. once i get my heel game together i could see myself wearing them but i gotta lose some of them zippers i’ m still in my nike state of mind lol

  26. These boots are so hot. Janet should totally get these, they are a bit like these ones I think are hot (but are in red)

  27. Here’s the buckle boots I posted looking gorgeous in black|CallType=Product&prodId=L5C7&des=&cat=93&gender=women&group=shoes&vendorColor=TkVSTw==&season=actual&seasProdID=50I

  28. That link didn’t post properly. Oh well – HOT BOOTS – End of Story. 😀

  29. Saw the boots first in Vogue.
    London, Millan, NYC onlky had the sued, not so hot.

    Found them in Sweden and had a pair sent over here (London) They are soooooo bloody sexy.
    The outfit is The boots, skin tight leather jeans with zips, Balmain leather biker jacket $10,300 and Polly is so hot she burns. Total cost $15,000. Hope to hel she avoids been muged, I look after her, I am built like a brick shit house.

    If you can, then get the boots and you will rule the world.

  30. i wouldnt buy them… theyre not me… but id like to see them in a theigh-high style and on someone like monica. She rocks the hell out of black. I hate calf boots. ::shrugs::

  31. I got really unbelivable pleased by this post! Post more about dommes!

  32. I d like to get a domme like this one ! More posts like this?

  33. Hello dude! Dominatrix are my passion, please write much more and I will arrive back day-to-day to check you !

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