1. It looks like is was a great party! Where is Jan?

  2. Great pics man! Wish I could be there. I bet those parties are gonna be awesome.

  3. hi jd 🙂

    i see you continue doing good work in the music and everything.

    i definitely have a question to ask you although. i am not a hip hop expert but..

    why in hip hop so many people are obsessed with money ?


    – lil wayne talks about it in like every second line of the lyrics
    – in a blog post of you there is this photo of bow wow with money in his hands
    – in a song, polow da don i think, shouts ‘if you ain’t got no money take your broke a** home’
    – one new song by akon is called ‘im so paid’
    – even the e-mail address for the hats you posted on one of your blogs is wegettingmoney

    i could give you like hundrends of examples like this lol

    do you know why this is happening ? it is like being proud for what you earn ? or total exhibitionism ? or something else ?
    and after all, what is the interest in that type of lyrics/imaginery from the listeners ? what does it interest them if lil wayne or someone from the tens of others sing about HIS money ?
    of course they care since their songs sell but how is it possible ? is it logical to hear something shouting how much he earns ?

    please dont hate me for my questions ! i just always have this question mark in my head when watching flying dollars in videos and lyrics like that 🙂

    i hope you could address this issue and answer me in some of your videos on youtube if you can 🙂

    thank you ! and congratulations for what you do 🙂 i am a fan ! 🙂

  4. aww man! tthere go my man chris tucker!!!!!

  5. Look @ my baby Nikki. i see her & face still hangin tuff. thats good thoe.
    all the good folx i see. looks like a very nice turn out all in all.
    Very Good. Thanx for the pix…

  6. bounce is feat tpain also shits straightttt

  7. Wayne better focus on that rock album I know he doesn

  8. I love lil wayne too.

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