1. i saw the show on disney.
    bow looked hot!

    that miley cyrus a hot mess…

  2. damn i wish i could be been there

  3. I Seen the show last night everybody definitely did they thing.

    was not expecting my dude to take it back and perform thank you that was hot.

    PS: When that Trey new joint gone drop felling my self
    And i don’t know if yall did the song or not, but it was in a living the life video with bow and trey, Mo women on top of mo women

    i wanted to know was yall gone do a real track off that pronounce.

  4. scratch that last word after that it was a typo

  5. cool pics dude da inaugural concert was tight go head bow!!!

  6. Yo JD

    This event looks like it was a lot of fun. Various Performances from different acts, from different parts of music. and by the way i don’t care what anyone says, Miley Cyrus & The Jonas Brothers ROCK!

  7. Awesome wish I could have gun!!!!!Bow Wow and jb ftw

  8. Bow Wow is a class act. A step above the rest. That man is not a rapper he is a performer. There is a big difference. JD is a Legend. Make sure y’all show BRAT some love. Start reppin’ for her; keep her name alive in the streets. I game loves it when you hold your own down. Don’t let her be forgotten.

  9. wish i was there man…. respect to Obama and all in support, sorry I couldn’t be there because I’m in England, London with my mom now so…

    but look fun still so PEACE.

  10. i wished i could have went….i would have tooken my sis..if i knew bow was gonna be there lol…but thats iight..we’ll catch him when he brings his tour down here..

  11. Ohh maynee , Milley
    need helpp now a dayss
    Bow wow dunnoo yourr
    sweeett likee

  12. miley looks like a damn brat doll

  13. mark products are intriguing, may have to check it out one day

  14. love this song!!!!!!

  15. i like kevin and joe

  16. lovelove love love i LOVE this song

  17. lovelove love love i LOVE this song

  18. Another quality post. I posted a plug for your website at mine. Anyway, I am sure many people forget the points you are making.

  19. Jonas Brothers is awesome, i watched their live concert when they visited our home city. my girlfriend loves Joe Jonas so much. “

  20. i like Joe Jonas coz i think he has the best voice of the Jonas Brothers`.-

  21. Jonas Brothers and Moffats sort of sounds the same-;-

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