Trey in the studio

Trey Songz in the booth



    Thanks Jermaine for showing my Man Johnta but can you show him without him drinking maybe him working on his new album at least him working on his new album and doing Love,Sex,&Religion Preview is that too much to ask.

    Jermaine thanks for the shouts out and stuff like that.But all want for Christmas is a video from Johnta in the studio working on his album and previewing his music to us fans also a dam date on his album. Is his album coming out on march 4th. Jermaine I know ur not Santa Clause or Miracle worker lol but can you try to make it happen please god bless bye.

  2. *singing* I don’t want to leave but I got to go right now! Streets be calling me! Well in my case blogsphere is calling. But Trey always gets my attention with his cute self. Good to see him back, making good music. And in that first pic, which of toy from your collection did Trey play with if any?


  3. Trey is that dude, my fav track from is still I gotta make it. That joint was a classic

    I just did a interview youngest ever African American Ceo of public traded company. His name is ephren I know him for couple years now. He got a net worth of 8 figures without having wicked jump shot or nice 16 bars and did all before 25. I would REALLY appreciate if could show me some love on youtube, and on global14. I want to let people know young black brothas do it in areas of life. He also Spoke at the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama.

  4. Mr Dupri,
    can you please change the fonts… I am at work and I can’t really see.

    Trey songz is cool. I got his first album . I love it.

    thank you kindly!!,
    Oh and Merry Christmas to you and Janet ( went to the concert in Toronto whoot whoot!!)

    PS…how do I get an internship with So So Def.

  5. I think that Trey cutting his hair was a great decision, he looks more mature, and i think he been on the weights,too.

  6. Jermaine I know your going to delete my comment anyways but when you come back from your break and start recording your videos can please now I’m going to type it again can you please post a Johnta video with him working on his album previewing his music. Thats all we want to hear his music he talented young man with great music that needs to be heard I take a bootleg on the low. but I would buy his music because its worth the my money. just a hour long video with his music and jokes thats all I ask you do that for me you don’t have to hear for me again.

  7. Heard a lil bit of the song on YouTube. Itz a banga! Next time it’ll be me in there with ya’ll…

  8. trey songz is amazing !

  9. Trey is one of the very few talented R&B male artists that we have out to day. He a triple threat cuz he can sing, rap, and he is TOO sexy. These other dudes aint got nothing on him.

  10. LOVE Trey! When will the new album be out and what’s up with all the song leaks? Its crazy, the internet is buzzin’ with all the new stuff!

  11. omgeeee your the most sexest dude on hee planett i really do think of you at night lol nd i really love all your songz on yo cd’s you truly have swagg omgeee when im madd i listen to yo songz when im madd happy or sadd you brighten upp mahh daye I LOVE YOU TRIGGA !!!!!

  12. Nice website keep pumpin the articles out.

  13. just see a new teaser for a Trey interview looks really good

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