This my favorite song off Common new album Universal Mind Control – “What a world” produced by Pharrell



  1. My favorite would have to be gladiator! i can’t believe you miss that joint! lol

  2. god damn dis blog is trash, dunno wat to do on here, jus straight borin

  3. thiz album iz off tha meat rack,which means FRESH! lol Common keep doin ya thang!

    b sure 2 download CHuCK CRaZY “FLYBOY MUZIK” Mixtape 4 FREE @

  4. *screams w/ delight* LOVE IT!!! YESSSSSS COMMON!!!

  5. thats my boy a very cool shot

  6. JD check it fam, this is a banger! I see a void in the game to fill. That person that went to school and wanted to do music and the arts but went to college and that is when he got turned on by North Carolina Central. “Play” and 9th Wonder decided to run a record label for College students and im reaching out to people to make sure they know whats going down. I would love for you to be apart of the movement. Im still working on the album too. YOu should hook up with 9th and Play, Come down to NC and check out the Hip Hop-in Context Class.


    Daniel Mallison, IV
    Def Jam Intern

    Where one door my seem as if it closed, the Lord opens a new door in the book of “Living the Life” lol

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