Here’s some still photographs from the Bow Wow video shoot…

Bow Wow

More Bow

Bow Wow & Miss Diznee

Bow on the beach with one of his co-stars

Stairway to…

Me dippin’ in the baby blue 64

Me and Bow ridin’ thru downtown LA


  1. I saw ur youtube making the video. Hott ..cant wait. Oh by the way JD I know you like photography. Please email me I want to talk to you about some stuff…if you enter the web address associated with my email you can see my site and work. I worked on your images and Janets in the past btw. I retouched your Lionel Deluy shoot and Zach Wolfe shoot and Giuliano Bekor shoot. Janet’s I retouched her shoot for Icon MTV special for TV Guide with George Holz. I always said that when money is no object for me I’ll walk around with a medium to large format digital slr. I think you should get the Hasselblad H3DII-39 and carry it in a custom LV camera bag. Imagine that as your snapshot camera…the images would be so crisp and vivid. Please get back to me.

  2. Whoops!! I meant to put that comment here about seeing you riding downtown in L.A.!

    We didn’t realize that was Bow Wow with you though! Ain’t that something!!

    Glad ya’ll was having fun, like always!!



  3. JD – If you pay me $5k per post, I’ll start proof-reading all of them for you. Then your spelling will be as hot as your music!! Let me know…


  4. Damn that Nikon camera really puts out some great quality! I might invest in one of those! Shouts out to So So Def!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nice pics

  6. i cant wait to see this video! and hear the song..! ahhh

  7. Who gives a fuck? Hmmmm?

  8. My dude… You are such a respirator! You KEEP em breathing in the game… (the angel of RAP) No Pun.. Hey Bow

  9. Please Marry Janet. Set the date Dog It don’t get no better than Danita Jo ya know!

  10. So is bow and you really going to collab with that group diamondheart?

  11. I think bow could come back harder if he just focus on the elegant end of his life in a more subtle way than express through his lyrics…hes still hot though

  12. jd i thought bow wow had left so so def for good tryin to do his own thing out there in the music biz,what made him return if he ever left that is? i heard about ur site own the radio jd it’s cool not at all complex as some ppls site gets.

  13. Good job JD. Glad you took it to one central spot and added the photography.
    Known ya 100 yrs. Love the digital game you are building…..

    James Andrews (

  14. Dang Bow wow has a big head I still love him but dang his head is big

  15. Bow look like he’s singing in those first shots

  16. Love the pictures!… and the videos on youtube =) Thanks for doing all of this, gives all his fans a chance to see whats happening in the world of Bow wow and yourself… whether they be in the US or other countries worldwide!!

    You guys need to bring the fun to London Town, Uk though!… would be nice as its been a while since you’ve blessed us with your presence!

    Mad Love!

  17. JD Keep doing your thins i like it tho !!!!!
    Lookin’ forward to the ”Rock the mic ” video 😉 !!!!!
    (Peace: Eddie-B)

  18. Looks like it will be a great vid!


  19. Dude…. why u gotta ruin Bow wow’s video with your ugly mug!! just stay behind the camera

  20. Dear Mr. Dupri

    First of all sorrie for my bad English , This is because i`m from holland.

    I`d like to ask you the folowing question. I`m a good singer and i need to do something with it.
    Before i do this i have to make sure that my voice is as pretty as the people next to me saying it is.

    Sow my question is can i send something to you sow you can listen to it and give your comment about it.

    Thank you for the good music your making.

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  22. yo jd bow weezie lookn kinda cute whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i sent u a message on ugh youtube so plz answer me bak its ergent love u

  23. Video looks like it will be sick. I saw your 4 video posted. I wanted to get at before your site blowups.

    I just did a interview youngest ever African American Ceo of public traded company. His name is ephren I know him for couple years now. He got a net worth of 8 figures without having wicked jump shot or nice 16 bars and did all before 25. I would REALLY appreciate if could show me some love on youtube, and on global14. I want to let people know young black brothas do it in areas of life. He also Spoke at the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama.

  24. ..Hype is the best..being on set he really plays some classic shit for looks dope..

    Yall Know What It is!!

  25. those are some pretty tite pix…whens the video coming out?

  26. looks dope JD, im loving this new site, been showing all my friends bout it.

    Check me out at

    producer/songwriter from the UK. Checkout my joint “I be your superman”. Its only a rough, but i still been getting mad love out here for it.

    Peace & dope beats

    Maleek Berry

  27. Hey jus passin thru youtube and found bow wow and JD`z video together looks good keep up the good work. i c yu guyz put in alot of effort into these videos. (they pay off in the end)

    anywaiz i jus wanted to ask

    What is the name of the song?
    i dunno if its just me but i have serched everything from youtube to music websites and the song doesn`t come up. ino you guys have been saying “living the life” but it aint working

    Any Chance of you guys telling me what the name of the song is?

    Vanessa =]

  28. Bow wow the older u get they sexy you get … you

  29. To Janet fuck the haters.. luv girl always .. jermaine thank u for this site.. luv u too man

  30. Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

  31. yo im quentin im a big fan of sosodef lbw and all that i respect ya music n everythin yall do.i was just wondering when will we be able to listen the “you can get it all” music becoz it looks sooo hot the instrumental is crraaazy pliz put the entire song online…and if i can give an should put all your beats and instrumentals online on a website becoz a lo of fan are always lookin for your crazy beats and dont know where to go to listen to it.thankss peace

  32. Please Check Out some Of My Freestyle On My youtube Page Glennlaroy And Jd I want too Sign with so so def man bow what up Big Bro Khelo what up dj jef what up the hold lbw gang what up

  33. please check out my freestyle on my youtube page You and bowwow doing ya dang family i still want too sign with so so def crew too for real i rap too and do freestyle @ glennlaroy

  34. […]Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome![…]

  35. bonjour,je suis français et je voudrai savoir quand va sortir l’album de bow wow en france car aucune information nous es donné en l’attend evec impatience et je serai le plus heureux du monde de rencontrer bow wow un jour peut-etre.

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