#1414 DATES

1414 is the first social network tour to really connect our community, with the theme being 14 I’m going to 14 cities in 14 days, if you’re a member and u live in one of these spots come out and show your face. Stay tuned for more info and RSVP by clicking a city below. The cities without links will be posted as soon as they are available.

10/31 Chicago
11/01 Detroit
11/02 New York
11/03 DC
11/04 Raleigh
11/05 Charlotte
11/06 Charleston
11/07 Atlanta
11/08 Birmingham
11/09 Memphis
11/10 Dallas
11/11 Houston
11/12 New Orleans
11/13 Miami


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  1. Brit says
    19 Oct 11, 7:03am

    I would like to go but i am not in any of those cities. The closes ones I am too though is Dallas and Chicago. Wish I could go

  2. 19 Oct 11, 7:23am

    where is the Bay Area Love at JD… Come hit us on the next round I would come out most definitely.

  3. 19 Oct 11, 7:32am

    chicago will be there just hit the time and location and im there

  4. Mic Most says
    19 Oct 11, 2:57pm

    Dallas!! Details please, sir…?

  5. Mo Grizzly says
    19 Oct 11, 5:04pm

    I’ll show up in Houston or New Orleans. Salute on this IDEA !!!!

  6. willie says
    19 Oct 11, 5:10pm

    I don’t live in neither JD lol !

  7. 19 Oct 11, 6:43pm

    GREAT idea, JD, really meeting the people. SALUTE!

  8. LC says
    20 Oct 11, 12:56am

    Oh of who I’ll be there

  9. LC says
    20 Oct 11, 12:57am

    Fo Sho*

  10. E Mc says
    20 Oct 11, 3:06am

    When are the details for the Chi coming? I’m from the ATL and been living in cold ass Chicago for 3yrs. Can’t wait to get back to the A! I need to be at that party. Colli Park in the house!

  11. Lhussle says
    20 Oct 11, 3:11am

    I’m in detroit ill be there just lt me know when and where

  12. `fatboy says
    20 Oct 11, 8:34am


  13. 20 Oct 11, 9:25pm

    I’ll see you in Miami pimpin’….me and my Ruff Ryders crew will be in the building.

  14. 20 Oct 11, 9:51pm

    H-Town Bound… super pumped for this event, can’t wait to see yall Liferz out dere

  15. 20 Oct 11, 11:10pm

    Slide through the Bay Area!
    YouTube keyword: Yung Ace SWAG

  16. Terrance says
    21 Oct 11, 1:32am

    ready to get that record deal so ready to be tha next nigga outta north carolina i mean its only a matter of time JD im ready NC QC stand up no lol no joke -_-

  17. Doria Ross says
    21 Oct 11, 4:44am

    Cant Wait…I’ll be flying back into charlotte that morning from miami. So I’ll keep myself connected for the location of ur event. Im not a artist, just seeking a positive and productive suggested convo.

  18. T says
    22 Oct 11, 1:05am

    Still waiting on where n chi.

  19. J-LYN says
    22 Oct 11, 1:37am


  20. 23 Oct 11, 3:43am


  21. Rob Allen says
    24 Oct 11, 4:35am

    good to see that you are coming to Raleigh, NC

  22. Coe 24K says
    26 Oct 11, 9:28am

    What Up Doe Global 14, come polly with me LiL Coe, when the 1414 event hits The ATL on November 7th… See Yall There!

  23. Miguel says
    26 Oct 11, 2:05pm

    NYC time & place please

  24. 26 Oct 11, 4:38pm

    Finally!!!! I will in NYC to see you and the crew JD Lifers stand up!

  25. 26 Oct 11, 11:10pm

    Is there gonna be a second part for the West Coast?

  26. Soundtite says
    27 Oct 11, 12:35am

    Dezamn JD where’s the westcoast love at mayne????

  27. 27 Oct 11, 1:28am

    I need that Chicago location JD. Monday night or not Leggo

  28. 27 Oct 11, 3:34am


  29. 27 Oct 11, 5:27pm

    Hey are any LIFERS from NY going to the event????/ I’ll definitely be there!!!!!

  30. Mr. Suave says
    27 Oct 11, 5:39pm

    New Orleans event, I’m in there!

  31. 28 Oct 11, 5:24pm

    Ill Most Definitly Be At The Raleigh And Charlotte Shows

  32. LC says
    29 Oct 11, 5:30am

    Sorry I won’t be able to make it I spent my money on akai mpk49… JD

  33. 29 Oct 11, 9:31am

    [...] The complete fourteen date tour list can see found below. More info about the #1414 Tour can be found at the tour’s website. [...]

  34. 31 Oct 11, 5:46am

    Hey @JD I think the tour is a great idea… I missed u last time u came 2 the bay w/ginuwine,faith evans,etc but hopefully I’ll be able 2 come out this time as long as I know in advance it’s a go.

  35. 31 Oct 11, 11:02pm

    JD why you didn’t bring your tour through Mobile,Al

  36. Harvey says
    01 Nov 11, 7:35pm

    @JD, I’m Trying to get the Dig on the RSVP for the After Party or a Set of BackStage Passes for the Show, when it Touch Down in ATLanta. I Got a lil Homie Birthday Coming Up……, Let Me Know What it is; on getting Some Preferencial treatment, either the After Party or the Show. Me & My Two Lil Hommies, Preciate it Bruh Bruh.

  37. 03 Nov 11, 10:44pm

    [...] mogul and Crown Royal Black have taken their new collaborative project on the road, kicking off the 1414 tour on Monday (Oct. 31) in Chicago. J.D. describes the 14 cities in 14 days itinerary as, “Not [...]

  38. 04 Nov 11, 7:24am

    [...] mogul and Crown Royal Black have taken their new collaborative project on the road, kicking off the 1414 tour on Monday (Oct. 31) in Chicago. J.D. describes the 14 cities in 14 days itinerary as, “Not [...]

  39. 04 Nov 11, 8:05am

    [...] mogul and Crown Royal Black have taken their new collaborative project on the road, kicking off the 1414 tour on Monday (Oct. 31) in Chicago. J.D. describes the 14 cities in 14 days itinerary as, “Not [...]

  40. Dmar says
    04 Nov 11, 3:59pm

    how fast does the email confirmation come, because I have not gotten it yet. Will be in the Houston Event

  41. 05 Nov 11, 12:24am

    I was getting ready for the Raleigh event and was wondering if anyone has been to one of these events so far. Just wanted to know if they were open to the public or only for those who rsvp. Details please, asap!!!

  42. Dame says
    05 Nov 11, 2:13am


  43. 09 Nov 11, 3:34pm

    YO.. I RSVP’d for Dallas- when and how are the details sent out…(i.e. RSVP Confirmation, place, etc.)

  44. Kay says
    09 Nov 11, 7:25pm

    I signed up for Memphis last week, but never received the details via email.

  45. Stephanie says
    11 Nov 11, 6:28am

    I’m in this b!t@h the whole G14 Fam is here Dallas Glass

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